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According to a recent Harris survey most people without genital herpes said they would avoid having a relationship with someone who has genital herpes and that they would break up with a partner who has genital herpes.

This makes the situation seem almost hopeless right? It makes it sound like you are guaranteed to get rejected if you tell someone about your infection.


First, the Harris survey only asked people who DID NOT have genital herpes. Second, it asked them what they would do IF they started dating a person with the virus. This was a hypothetical question. It is true that almost everyone if initially given the choice will prefer to date someone without genital herpes. Just think how you yourself would have chosen before you became infected.

But this hypothetical situation is very different from actually being in a relationship with someone, developing strong feelings for them, investing time and energy, and then finding out that they have genital herpes. In this situation most people choose to continue the relationship.

And statistics back this up. There was another survey where hundreds of people WITH genital herpes were asked what kind of responses they received when they told their partners. It is important to remember that most people do not tell their partners in the best way possible - even so, only a small percentage received a negative response (only 17%).

In fact, you can give yourself a much better chance of receiving a positive response if you know the most effective way to tell your partner.


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