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Isn't it possible that the start of the outbreaks could be triggered by something happening with our own bodies and not necessarily contracted from someone else? Afterall, it has be to be active to pass. I read that the virus lays dormant in the body until something triggers it. True?

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Herpes is a virus of the skin and it is spread from skin to skin contact. The herpes antibodies can be found in the blood. If a person has a herpes outbreak it means they came in contact with the herpes virus at one point or another. That would mean that person had sexually intercourse with a partner who had the herpes virus. Herpes has to be active in order for the virus to pass to a partner. The human body helps fight the herpes virus off. As a result a person with herpes may not have an outbreak for days, weeks, months, years or at all. The herpes virus can come to the surface of the skin at anytime. 

Seem the human body helps fight the herpes virus off a person with herpes may not have an outbreak until years later. Most people who carry the herpes antibodies don't have an outbreak or show symptoms. A herpes outbreak can be triggered by smoking, eating junk food, lack of exercise, lack a rest and/or other factors. If a person has a healthy immune system and lives a healthy lifestyle the chance of getting a herpes outbreak decreases. The virus can lay dormant in the human body for years. In other cases the virus doesn't lay dormant.

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