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My classmate is very interested in taking our relationship to more than the friendship level and I am absolutely crazy about him, but not sure how I can bring up the fact that I have HSV-1 & HPV?

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Before you tell a partner about an STD it is important to be ready to answer any questions the other person may have. I suggest telling a partner you trust about an STD (which seems to be the cases). Before you tell a partner about an STD remember it is common and okay to feel nervous. Once you tell a partner about HPV it often relives a lot of tension. Speak to him in a regular tone and try to stay calm. A person's mood or attitude can influence a partner. Find a quiet and pleasant place where you and your partner are alone. Find a set of words that works for you. For example, "I care about you a lot and I want to make sure we are both safe. I have something to tell you......" After you have "the talk" allow him time to think about his choice (if needed). If safe sex is practiced the chance of passing an STD to a partner greatly decreases. There are medicines such as Valtrex that can reduce the chance of passing herpes to a partner (if needed). If you want to read more about herpes and HPV type www. in front of the web sites below.

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>Thank you so much for the information! This helps me out more than you
>I am concerned that I may have already given this person HSV-1 as we kissed
>briefly and I pinched his facial cheeks a lot and then a few days later I
>noticed that that there was one big pimple on each cheek.
>I will feel horrible if I did this!
Your welcome for the information. HSV-1 is likely to spread by kissing. Keep in mind getting or passing HSV-1 is a matter of chance. HSV-1 can happen to anyone. Many people pass HSV-1 to a partner and don't realize they carry the virus. It is proven that up to 80% of sexually active adults can or will test positive for HSV-1 from a blood test or a visual outbreak. HSV-1 is so common it is hard not to come in contact with the antibodies at one point or another. The human body helps fight the HSV-1 antibodies off. If you think you may have passed herpes to him I would suggest sitting down and talking to him. If you want can e-mail him anonymously from this web site link I know of. Type www. in front of the web site below. It is important to educate a partner about oral herpes