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Ok so plz dont be judgemental. I'm I need of some good advice. I've been with my hubby for 10 years I was diagnosed with hpv about 4 yrs ago. About 18 months ago we split for a real small time but I slept with someone. No protection how dum!! Okay so about a week ago after 24hr that I had sex with hubby he complains of irritation and has a really mild red patch. I have to ad it i was a bit itchy days prior but nothing dramatic. I've been reading and thinking he may have got a yeast infection from me. He is fine now after 5 days no warts or discharge. I have used 7 day monistat to clear any bacteria I had. After a day of using it I put my finger up ther ( I know probably not a good idea. But I have white stuff there I believe it yeast or maybe medication or even something worse. Can I have something more serios after 14 to 18 months since last partner?
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Don't worry! Love is just love. Of course, you could find your partner. Anything will be fine! But for your sex life, it should be more safe. Enjoy your life and good luck!
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I'm not judgmental. I remain objective in order to fully help the members.

The symptoms you mentioned could be caused by a yeast infection. Yeast infections could cause itching, pain during urination, clumpy, white discharge along with other symptoms. Sometimes the symptoms of a yeast infection could be mistake for genital herpes vice versa. Herpes or a yeast infection could cause mild red patches. You husband should really see a doctor while the red patch is active. From the symptoms you described it seems like the chances are you don't have genital herpes. Only a doctor is qualified to determine that. The symptoms you mentioned aren't symptoms of HIV. HIV could cause a person to be more prone to catch yeast infections. Yeast infections are very common.

I would strongly suggest that you get tested for HIV and other STDs. It's common for a person to carry an STD and not show symptoms of it. If you have or had HPV you need to get yearly pap smears. HPV is the leading cause of cervical cancer. If you get screened for cervical cancer yearly the chances greatly increase that you will remain health. The chances are greatly that you won't get cervical cancer. If you want to read more about yeast infections go to the following website.

If you have another question let me know. Feel free to let us know how everything is going.

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