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What risks are there from 'foot sex' ? For example, I am a male, and my new male partner wants to lick and suck my toes & feet. He also would like to use my feet for sex with his penis, and possibly ejaculate on my feet.

Between all of these feet activities, what are the various risks to me on the receiving end? Thanks
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Most STDs are transferring by the exchanging semen, vaginal secretions, blood or by kissing. If your male partner mouth comes in contact with your toes there are no major risks in this situation. If your partner ejaculates on your feet that fines provider the body secretions don't enter the mouth orally. 

 In rare cases herpes enters the body though an opened cut. If your partner has oral herpes and if you have an opened cut on your foot the body could enter the virus if he puts is toes in his mouth. For the most parts I don't think you will catch herpes based on this situation alone.

Once herpes and HPV hit air the virus dies almost instantly. Herpes enters the body through mucous membranes. Which includes, the lining of the mouth, the lips and the genitals. If the virus doesn't come in direct contact with any of those body parts the virus is very unlikely to spread.

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