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Hi. I would like to know if can I get HIV from oral contact with her genital area? Here's what happened: I met this girl (HIV-, she said, but, who knows?) and I didn't actually penetrate her, just had oral contact with her pubic area. I had oral contact with her breasts too, but no breast milk taste. No visible fluids at all. Her genitalia was dry, as far as l remember. So, is it possible to get HIV from this? The doctor putted me on PEP anyway, can you believe? This fact happend almost 3 months ago, and I did not had any symptoms, only the side effects from PEP.
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Yes, HIV can spread through the exchange of vaginal fluid and semen. HIV isn't spread by coming in contact with the breast. However, HIV is found in breast milk. In this situation it's possible that you caught HIV but the chances are much higher that you didn't catch HIV.

From what I know and read PEP is only effective if a person came in contact with HIV in the last 72 hours. Any well known HIV organization and most medical personal should know this. You may want to read the following article.

My suggestion is to get tested for HIV. After three months the HIV virus almost always appear on a blood test. If you test negative for HIV you should be fine.

I would encourage you to follow the doctor's orders. Providing medical advice is beyond my expertise. I just don't know why the doctor placed you on PEP. All due to respect I would strongly suggest getting a second opinion from a well known doctor. 
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See, that is exactly what I don't get. How could I be infected, if there was no fluids? When I said "oral contact with her genital area", I did not mean her vagina actually. It was more like the region where the pubic hairs are. The breast milk may have some taste, right? But I did not felt any either!

So, why the doctor putted me on PEP? I told her exactly what I told here, and most people I talk about this say that was no risk at all. This whole thing is confused to me.
Based on the situation I tend to agree with you. HIV would show appear on blood test if you came in contact with the virus three months ago. Based on what I read and know people who came in contact with HIV aren't placed on PEP three months later. If you tested negative for HIV you should be fine. If you feel it helps get tested again for HIV to be 100% sure. The results of another HIV test may ease your min.

HIV could spread through breast milk. Yes, breast milk would have some type of taste. Sometime professional provide misleading information. I have disagreed with doctors many times. Seem I'm not qualified to give medical advise I really can't say that the doctor is wrong. I would strongly suggest getting a second opinion.