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Hi there, I contracted genital herpes 5 years ago and have only had 2 small outbreaks (one when I initially got it, and 2 years ago). So I have a few questions. I am starting to date someone new and I have just had the talk with her. (I'm a woman and she is too). How often am I shedding if I have only had 2 mild outbreaks in the past 5 years? 

If she is willing to work thorough this with me. What can I do to help prevent spreading it to her during shedding times?  I have read different things about Valtrex (1 that it helps prevent shedding up to 95% if taking when not having an outbreak, and also evidence saying that it does not help with preventing shedding) so I am confused.

I would also love to go the homeopathic route if i could. I read that i could take Sepia or Natrum Muriaticum to reduce frequency of relapses but I am not sure if they reduce shedding, which is what I want to prevent more, since i have barely had outbreaks. 

Lastly, Can she do anything to help her prevent getting it as well?

Oh, and one more, If she already has either herpes 1 or 2 in her system without knowing it, which i know is highly likely. Then have our bodies immune systems both built up enough antibodies to herpes that we will most likely not spread it to one another? Meaning so we can have sex and not worry about it?

Thank you for helping

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If you HSV-2, through body to body contact (rubbing) in the genital, buttocks and thighs you could infect her. If she has HSV-2, then you are fine. If she has HSV-1, you can be infected with it through oral sex and kissing. HSV-1 can casue rectum cancer.


There are no natural remedies to reduce shedding. One study showed that asymptomatic shedding occurs in roughly 3% of the days. An antiviral drug can reduce the number of days by roughly 50%.  

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