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PLease help. Ok about a week ago i had small pimples on the pubic area of my vagina but then after I left them alone they died and scabbed over. They had a indentation in the middle and were itchy. Did not smell either. Now that those are gone the inner  part of my labia majora is itchy and I pulled the skin back and there are very tiny bumps on the inside. I used some Vagisil cream and the itching has stopped for now. I am on my period and cannot see my doctor to get a full exam until my period ends. I have had the same partner for 3 years and have had no problems until now. Anyone that could help be would be great. I keep worrying its an STD or something. OH and i've had all my gardasil shots. 

my age is 22. the spots look like little pimples kinda like chicken skin. Tried to pop one that was bigger but i can't get a good grip. No oozing or extremely odd smells. had a different partner in nov of 2009. Unprotected sex with current partner. Pimples are not anywhere else on vagina. Just some redness around the areas that are itchy. I was thinking it could be an external yeast infection?

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It might be herpes .. if symptom gets worse or spread like i advised earlier get to the doctor
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