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This is my first time asking a question, I'm so scared and so annoyed of all this that has been happening to me the past two months. A few weeks ago I got tested for any std and my result was positive for chlamydia I was prescribed 4 pills of any azychromatic I think that's how you spell it. After the first two days I started to feel better l, the following week till now I've been having really bad cramps and on my right leg as well. I don't know if that's normal I just had taken the pills two weeks ago as from today and I'm traveling outta town the 18th of October my doctor told me to wait three months to get re tested again but should I wait that long? I'm 22 years old female that just wants all this to be over with :/ and forgotten my partner didn't even bothered to get tested so we no longer speak and that bothers me even more because I just don't know what to do anymore please help me .
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Feel anxious, annoy or being worried about a situation often has to do with fear of the unknown. From what your telling me you don't know if the chlamydia was fully cured or not. Its possible for chlamydia to cause abdominal pain seem the bacteria could spread to the female reproductive system. However, the bacteria is usually cleared with antibiotics or similar medications. I personally never heard of chlamydia causing leg cramps. By reading your concerns and the symptoms you experienced you may want to consider getting a second opinion. You shouldn't have to feel uncomfortable if there is something that could potential be done. If you need a referral to an STD clinic let me know and e-mail me your zip code.
Sometimes chlamydia affects the body and an individual doesn't show any signs or symptoms of the virus. I think the doctor wants you to come back in three months to be sure the virus is completely wiped out of your body. However, I know you want an answer if you still carry the disease or not.
It respectfully sounds silly for an ex partner not to get tested for chlamydia in a situation like this.In certain situations all you can do it try to educate an ex partner about the importance of getting tested for STDs. Sometimes there isn't anything you can really do about the situation. It's important to move forward and to be fully educated about save sex. This will be all in the past in due time. You may want to read the following article.
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