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Little background, I had protexted sex with this girl Friday, then unprotected sex Saturday and again on Sunday morning. My symptoms started Sunday when I woke up, first I noticed both my eyes were completely bloodshot and filling with that green mucos stuff, I'd wipe it away and then it would come back in globs 10 or 15 minutes later. During the day I noticed my pubic area itching a little, nothing too serious, but didn't look at it until I got home. I went to take a shower and noticed red bumps around my pubic area, on the shaft of my penis, and on the penis head. The bumps on the penis head were small and pretty pinpoint, the bumps on my pubic area were more like something you'd expect from getting hives from an allergic reaction and bigger and more red, again they looked like small patches of hives like the size of a misquito bite. None of them formed bubbles or blisters, cracked or had any pus coming from them. Also, I had a few of the same bumps develop around my upper lip and lower lip in pretty small contained areas. They looked like razor burn, again no blisters or pus or discharge. Also, no it didn't burn when I pissed, and no there was no discharge at all from my pee hole. I took myself to sick call the next morning and the medics sent me in for testing, blood and urine.

I met with an eye doc, and then the regular doc. The eye doc said he wasn't sure about what it could be, but probably not herpes or gonnerhea (spelling, sorry). He thought probably chlamydia. The regular doc then looked at my junk and inspected it, and said he wasn't sure but was going to treat me for chlamydia. He prescribed me azrithromycin (spelling again I apologize) and hydrocortizone. The azrithromycin they miixed for me in water and I took right there with one of the medics. The doc told me to apply the hydrocortizone cream twice a day for 10 days. Within 3 days of apply this cream and taking the azrithromycin my symptoms began to fade, the redness of the bumps began to lighten up and the bumps got smaller. By day 7 everything had gone away. Eyes were back to normal and no rash on my penis or pubic area and the bumps around my mouth were gone. However...

The test results came back today (2 weeks later) and they tested negative for everything except HSV-1 and HSV-2. For the HSV-1 is said "equivocal" (or unequivocal I can't remember, sorry), but the doc said that meant the test wasn't positive but also wasn't negative, and that I could possibly have it. However for HSV-2 it said "Positive". Now the doc is showing me all these pictures of HSV-2 and absolutely nothing what I had looks like that herpes. I've spent two hours looking through STD photos of herpes and haven't found anyhting that looks like what I described. However what I did find that does look similar to what I had was pictures of "yest infection on penis."  So this is my first outbreak, I've never had anything like this before, and all these websites I'm reading say the initial outbreak could occur within 2-4 weeks and could last as long as well. I'm really confused as to why or how my symptoms look nothing like what they're showing me others get but my test says positive and they're sticking to it. Also, I might mention the colonel that is the doc is looking up this information on the internet same as me now and then turning around and telling it to me. So is it possible that I got a false positive on the HSV-2 test, or that these symptoms I got weren't actually HSV-2 just something else (like the yeast infection) and I haven't yet had my initial outbreak, or was this just a really mild initial outbreak. Any advice or insight as to what I might have would be appreciated as would any further courses of action I might be able to take. Also, how long would it take to develop antibodies that they could test for, b/c I had sex with her with a condom on Friday for the first time, and then unprotected on Saturday, do these symptoms for HSV-2 show up that quickly, and can they be detected that quickly in a lab test? And this testing/medical treatment is from the US Army if that is at all relevant.
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