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  • Abstain (do not have sex). 
  • Latex condoms, when used consistently and correctly, can reduce the risk of transmission of STDs that may cause PID.
  • Mutual monogamy (have sex with only one uninfected partner who is only having sex with you). Multiple sex partners can increase your risk for getting any STD and developing PID. 
  • Have regular check-ups if you are sexually active. CDC recommends yearly chlamydia testing of all sexually active women age 25 or younger and of older women with risk factors for chlamydial infections (those who have a new sex partner or multiple sex partners).
  • If you have an STD, do not have sex (oral, vaginal or anal) until all partners have been treated and cured. Treatment and follow-up are important steps in breaking the disease cycle.
  • If you have symptoms of PID or an STD get treated right away.
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